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Photographers Paradise – One Island

Every photographer has his or her favorite subject and interest to perpetuate it on an image. For most of them it means to travel around the world to find the desired objective. Only a few places in the world that one can find a large number of photogenic treasures into one place. Madeira Island is one of these places. Continue reading Photographers Paradise – One Island

Fanal with Til Trees discovered by Deb

Beautiful images of Fanal taken by Deb Collins

We found til tree heaven. Hundreds of ancient indigenous Til trees (Ocotea Foetens) in a high grassy meadow. They were so wonderful I came over all weak and got a headache – think it must have been Madeira Til Syndrome (as in ‘Florence Syndrome’). (or maybe not having had a drink and being chased by a very frisky Madeiran cow didn’t help)

Paseo “Energetico”

Fotografías lindas de Zyberchema.

Esta es una serie de imágenes, en total 181 mas 1 mapa, tomadas durante una caminada por la Isla de Madeira. En total casi 12 horas de marcha, pero merecieron la pena. Tienen su historia, si empezáis desde la 000 que es el mapa del recorrido y terminan en la 181 donde terminamos “cerrando” el bar de ponchas de Serra de Agua…
Si tenéis tiempo merece la pena verlas, aunque lo mejor es hacer el recorrido, que eso si que da ENERGIA
Es un homenaje a Andreia y a los que fuimos en aquel memorable Paseo…

Continue reading Paseo “Energetico”