As Levadas da Madeira

Localizada no coração do Oceano Atlântico, a ilha da Madeira, com 57 km de comprimento e 23 km de largura, apresenta-se como a terapia ideal para todos aqueles que necessitam de recuperar do stress citadino, que ambicionam uma reconciliação com a natureza através de deslumbrantes caminhadas a pé e que pretendam usufruir de um serviço de qualidade exercido por profissionais exímios. Continue reading “As Levadas da Madeira”

Madeira Wunderbares Video (3)

Ein wunderbares Video Impressionen von der Insel Madeira (Teil 3). Im dritten Teil geht es um das Wasser auf der Insel Madeira. Bekannt sind die Wanderwege entlang der Levadas und vorbei an vielen Wasserfällen.
Gefilmt von Edgar Löhr mit 5D Mark II und editiert mit Premiere CS5.


Fanal is a place of rare beauty in the middle of the Laurissilva Forest (Madeira). Situated in the north of the island … in the plateau of Paul da Serra. To get there you need to drive to Porto Moniz and São Vicente, Ribeira da Janela and climb into the Paul da Serra.

Fanal became a very popular place to relax, hike, walking, enjoying the nature …. to admire the magnificent species of forest Laurissilva as Tis (foetens Ocotea) Folhados (foetens Clethra), Laurel (Laurus azorica), Vinháticos (Persea indica). Some of these specimens are over 500 years old.

There are several trails to hike, one of the most spectacular is the one that goes from Fanal to Chão da Ribeira (Seixal). Another tour starts in the beautiful area of Fanal, through the forest following the Levada dos Cedros, offering spectacular scenery to the parish of Ribeira da Janela.

A small but well preserved crater is possible to be seen just a few meters down the road entrance to the ranger’s house.

Madeira … Um paraíso para o caminhante

A Madeira, ilha de beleza natural excepcional, tem desde sempre sido reconhecida como um paraíso para os caminhantes, dado tudo aquilo que tem para proporcionar. Convidamo-lo a descobrir a Madeira e o seu serviço excelente, paisagens sensacionais e clima ameno.

A Madeira é uma reserva natural, em que dois terços do território estão designados Zona Preservada, onde abundam espécimes raros de fauna e flora. Em 2 de Dezembro de 1999 a UNESCO classificou a floresta Laurisilva da Madeira como Local de Património Natural Mundial.

As montanhas, vales e arribas de perder o fôlego proporcionam um contraste agudo com os tons fascinantes da vegetação exótica, que cobre a ilha como um manto verde. A existência de um extraordinário sistema de canais de irrigação construídas em tempos primevos pelo Homem, e conhecidos como Levadas, bem como as Veredas ou trilhos de montanha, permitirão aos visitantes atentos encontrar no seu caminho espécimes raros de floresta Laurisilva da Madeira.

Os passeios podem ser tão suaves ou tão excitantes quanto se queira, a escolha é interminável. A Madeira vai surpreendê-lo e satisfazer cada uma das expectativas com que possa ter sonhado.

Bem-vindo a um verdadeiro paraíso flutuando no azul do Oceano Atlântico.

Bruno Camacho Pereira
Director Regional de Turismo

Australische pest

Een veel voorkomende boom op Madeira is de Eucalyptus, zeker aan de zuidzijde van het eiland. Deze boom is eind 18e eeuw ingevoerd om de kaalslag op het eiland tegen te gaan en toch in de behoefte aan hout te voorzien. Het is een snelle groeier en kan wel 5 meter per jaar in lengte toenemen. Ander voordeel van deze houtsoort is dat deze veel olie bevat en daardoor goed brandt. Grote stukken van het Laurisilva waren reeds in as opgegaan en het werd ook steeds lastiger om het hout naar beneden te halen vanaf de steile hellingen. Men had het hout nodig om houtskool van te maken die op haar beurt weer gebruikt werd in de suikerrietindustrie om de ketels mee te stoken. Het hout van deze boom is totaal ongeschikt voor constructie omdat het hout na droging ook gaat splijten en de stam in een spiraalvorm groeit. Dat laatste is ook de reden dat de bast er in lange stroken vanaf valt ….

Lees meer hierover op de blog van Marcel Peereboom

Board of Tourism

Madeira … A Walkers Paradise

Madeira, an island of exceptional natural beauty has always been recognised as a walker’s paradise because of what it has to offer. We invite you to discover Madeira with its excellent service, sensational landscapes and mild climate.

Madeira is a natural reserve with two thirds of its territory assigned as a Conservation Area, where rare flora and fauna abound. On the 2nd December 1999 UNESCO classified the Laurisilva forest of Madeira as a World Nature Heritage Site.

The breathtaking mountains, valleys and sea cliffs offer a stark contrast to the fascinating tones of the exotic vegetation, which covers the island like a green mantle. The existence of an amazing network of primitive man made irrigation canals known, as Levadas as well as the Veredas or Mountain paths, will enable the attentive visitors to encounter along the way the rare indigenous Laurisilva forest of Madeira.

The walks can be as gentle or as challenging as you want them to be, the choice is never-ending. Madeira will astound you and satisfy every expectation that you ever dreamed of.

Welcome to a true paradise afloat in the azure Atlantic Ocean.

Bruno Camacho Pereira
Regional Director for Tourism

Madeira’s Nature in Shock

Madeira completely relies on the tourism, however the authorities have gone a step too far and the nature will now be paying its toll for this.

On this beautiful, subtropical and paradise island, we are proud that UNESCO (, have recognized the Laurisilva Forest (15000ha) as the Worlds Natural Heritage, see:

Natural heritage is the legacy of natural, not man-made, places, objects and intangible attributes encompassing the countryside and natural environment, including flora and fauna, scientifically know as biodiversity.

This unique forest (at Rabaçal) is going to be ravished with concrete, cables and other unnatural materials that will mold into a huge cable car construction!

The authorities have decided to go ahead with this million project and their argument that it will add value (??) to the Flora & Fauna and Natural reservation on Madeira … by building a cable car (??).

As a Nature lover, I do believe that everyone is invited to enjoy the nature environments with its magnificent Flora & Fauna; however I do NOT believe that building a cable car is the way in doing so! With financial support, many walks are now accessible for even the elderly and disabled people. With the facilities that is offered by various organizations, young & old island visitors can enjoy this unique forest with its waterfalls & fountains.

To ensure that my opinion is being heard, I wrote to the UNESCO and asking them their opinion on this matter. Also to know what actions will (can) be taken to avoid that this project will start.

Otherwise if this project takes place, then it will not stop there. Commerce and authorities will consider the following: Now that we have a cable car at Rabaçal, why not also build restaurants, hotels, parking lots, shopping centers etc.

If you are as passionate as I am for the little bit of nature that is left on earth, please consider any kind of action you can take to avoid that this project will gash the heart of the World Heritage Forest.

Photo taken by Markus Rieder