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Self Guided walks

English June 6th, 2014

Madeira is well known for its walking facilities, and we noticed that more and more visitors to Madeira are walking on their own by using various information they find in books. Unfortunately, books are published in large quantities and are not regular updated with changes due to landslides and maintenance issues. Secondly, these books are translated from 1 standard language. This is causing serious problems on Madeira.

Nature Meetings is contacted by the local authorities as soon as a walker is in difficulties. With our experience we locate the casualty, make an assessment and contact the emergency services to advice them how to handle and which tools are required.

Most of these accidents are walkers who are walking by themselves. With the aftercare we supply we noticed that most of these walkers used some kind of documentation (books, Internet or information by friend and/or family).

We understand the reasons why people like to walk on their own, however not everyone is aware of the walking conditions on Madeira (that could change daily!).

Therefore you should take precautions before you decide to walk on your own.

  • Get all the walking conditions before the start of the walk, such as: weather, vertigo, tunnels, landslides, duration, and distance.
  • Where do you start and finish (is there transport).
  • Inform your accommodation where you going to walk, what time do you leave and what time do you expect to return. Leave your contact details with your accommodation.
  • Prepare yourself properly with: shoes, clothing, walking equipment (as long as you prepare for the worst, you should be ok).
  • Ensure that you have a mobile with you, and that you have the numbers from the emergency services (be aware not everyone speaks your language).

In the previous article we published more advice.

As I wrote earlier, Madeira experienced last years an increase of the casualty rate (mostly broken bones, cuts and bruises, including a few fatalities). Therefore I would advise you to consider your options.

With the transport costs, loss in holiday time, Health & Safety and all nature related information in mind, you will realise that Guided walks are saver and cheaper.

Whilst I do understand that you might want to walk on your own, you must realise the dangers you might face.

Please, consider your options!

Madeira in 2011

English December 21st, 2010

Are you making plans to visit Madeira in 2011? Tip: add into your list one or more Nature Walk trips. Learn with the qualified Madeira guides about the Laurissilva, nature, flora, fauna, culture and history of the Green Pearl of the Atlantic Ocean.

Traditionelle Spuren

German - Deutsch September 10th, 2010

Samstag: Traditionelle Spuren

Nature Meeting lädt Sie ein in eine Zeit, als Menschen und Güter noch von den kleinen Häfen aus übers Meer transportiert wurden und es keine richtige Straßeninfrastruktur gab.

Ungefähr vor 100 Jahren errichteten die Bauern einen Fusspfad entlang der Nordküste. Dies war der einzige Weg für sie, Ihre Waren zu dem kleinen “Handwerker” Hafen in Ponta de Sao Jorge zu bringen

Ausgehend von “Ribeiro Funda” (469m) wandern wir von Madeiras bekanntem Lorbeerwald aus zur Heimat exotischer Pflanzen entlang der Küste.

Nach einem Abstieg von ca. 300m erreichen wir einen von Madeiras versteckten Plätzen, den geheimen Aussichtspunkt von Lapa Negra, welcher nur zu Fuß erreichbar ist.

Haben Sie den atemberaubenden Blick von Porto Moniz nach Sao Jorge genossen, setzen wir unsere Wanderung fort auf einem der ältesten Fußpfade nach Curral da Rocha (89m). Dieser Weg geht bergauf und berg-abwärts, entlang der Steilküste nach Farrobe und dem Leuchtturm von Sao Jorge (271m).

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Chemins Traditionnels

French - Français September 8th, 2010

Samedi: Chemins Traditionnels (journée complète)

Nature Meetings vous invite à faire un pas en arrière dans le temps, à l’époque où les personnes et les biens étaient transportés par mer, grâce à des petits quais qui existent tout autour de l’île, avant que l’infrastructure routière n’existe.

Il y a environ 100 ans, les agriculteurs ont créé un chemin pédestre tout le long de la côte Nord. C’était la seule façon de pouvoir transporter leurs produits locaux jusqu’au petit quai artisanale de Ponta de São Jorge (Ponta do Clérigo).

Notre voyage commence à “Ribeiro Funda” (469m), traversant la Foret de Laurissilva si particulière à Madère jusqu’à la côte riche en plantes exotiques.

Après avoir descendu 300 mètres, nous arrivons au point caché de Madère, le point de vue secret de : Lapa Negra (atteignable seulement à pied).

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Traditionele Paden

Dutch - Nederlands September 7th, 2010

Zaterdag: Traditionele Paden (Hele dag)

Nature Meetings nodigt u uit om terug te gaan in de tijd, toen mensen en goederen overzee getransporteerd werden vanaf verschillende kleine havens rondom het eiland, voordat de bestaande wegeninfrastructuur bestond

Ongeveer 100 jaar geleden ontwikkelden de boeren een voetpad langs de noordkust, dat voor hen de enige manier was om hun lokale producten naar een kleine handmatig gevormde haven bij Ponta de São Jorge (Ponta do Clérigo).

Onze reis begint bij “Ribeiro Funda” (469m), wandelend langs Madeira’s beroemde Laurissilva-bos en exotische planten.

Na een afdaling van 300 meter, arriveren we bij Madeira’s verborgen plek, het geheime uitzichtspunt van Lapa Negra (alleen per voet bereikbaar).

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Traditional Trails

English September 5th, 2010

Saturday: Traditional Trails (Full Day)

Nature Meetings invites you to step back in time, when people and goods were transported by sea from the several small harbors around the island, before the existing road infrastructure.

Approximately 100 years ago, the farmers created a footpath along the North coast that was the only way for them to transport their local products to a small “handcrafted” harbor at Ponta de São Jorge (Ponta do Clérigo).

Our journey starts at “Ribeiro Funda” (469m), walking from Madeira’s famous Laurissilva Forest to the habitat of exotic plants along the coast.

After descending 300 meters, we arrive at Madeira’s hidden spot, the secret viewpoint of: Lapa Negra (reachable only on foot).

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Gekwalificeerde wandel- en berggidsen

Dutch - Nederlands July 8th, 2010

Madeira is voor iedere natuurliefhebber een paradijs voor het maken van voettochten. Om zeker te zijn dat u plezierige tocht zult hebben, raden wij u ten sterkste aan dat u op pad gaat met een gekwalificeerde wandelgids. Uw veiligheid is van grootste belang en u verdient op dit aspect de grootst mogelijke service. Om dat doel te bereiken gebruiken we gekwalificeerde berg- en wandelgidsen.

Het is voor de hand liggend dat uw veiligheid al vóór de wandeling begint. Het is cruciaal dat iedereen goed is voorbereid op de risico’s die hem of haar te wachten staan. Het maken van tochten langs en op de levada’s routes van Madeira, evenals de overige wandelingen in de natuur, hebben hun risico’s. Daarom raden wij bijvoorbeeld aan iedere wandelaar dat ze kleding dragen, dat bestaat uit laagjes (wat makkelijk maakt om snel aan- en uit te trekken) en indien mogelijk ook “waterproof”. Verder ook het advies om zonnecrème te gebruiken, voldoende water mee te nemen, een zaklantaarn enz.

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Groups on Madeira

English May 13th, 2010

We can look back to a successful last year 2009. Not only did we experienced an increase of the total participants for our daily Nature / Levada walks here on Madeira, but we have also seen an increase of groups from various countries such as: England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

For our daily walks we receive participants from all over Europe, and together with our (bilingual) guides are we pleased to share the passion for the nature with them. Thanks to the participant’s enthusiasm and motivation we experience great fun each time we walk the Levada´s of Madeira with them.

Walking with groups is sharing the joy of nature.

When a group or organization contacts us (regardless the nationality) we start designing a special program according to the needs of the group. We first discuss with the group leader and all the participants the following items:

  • Type of accommodation plus wishes;
  • Location;
  • Dates and Times;
  • A program to ensure that all the wishes from the group are met.

During this process we are in continuous contact with each other to build together the best program.

Each time when we welcome groups to Madeira Island, it becomes a new challenge for us. Each group has its own designed / tailor-made program. Groups can stay in various kind of accommodations, from local Residences to 5-star hotels. Nature Meetings will prepare a program, before the group confirms their visit to Madeira, of which we are confident it will guarantee an enjoyable time.

Groups are not only from various countries, but also from organizations, such as: walking groups, Sport organization, Associations (Bridge, Dancing, Yoga etc), local/private business, national institutions, schools, media, family/friends, etc.

Whatever the background and needs are, it is always a great pleasure for us to design, arrange and carry out groups programs on Madeira.

Together with all our partner Agencies, Tour Operators and the local authorities on Madeira, are we looking forward to another successful year 2010 in which we (again) will share our passion with all the visitors to this beautiful Island of Madeira.

Nature Meetings
Site: www.naturemeetings.com and www.walkingmadeira.com
E-mail: info@naturemeetings.com
Phone: 00351 291 524 482 or 00351 964 513 856
Fax: 00351 291 524 484

Walking Madeira – The Search Story

English April 24th, 2010

A short search story about walking, Levadas and Madeira …

Madeira is back to normal

English March 5th, 2010

The torrential rain on Madeira caused floods and mudslides on several locations on the Island on the 20th of February. However with the impressive effort from the entire Madeirense population and international help, Madeira returned to be again an attractive travel destination.

The airport, that was not affected except it was closed on the day of the floods, is fully operational and all the main roads are now open to the public. Unfortunately there are still some locations that are isolated (Tabua, Serra da Agua and Encumeada), therefore we advice everyone to make first inquiries before traveling towards these areas.

Many footpaths on Madeira had problems with fallen trees and landslides; however the majority of these walks are now repaired and accessible to the public.

Nature Meetings daily walking program is now fully operational, with the exception of the full day walk on Sunday: “Slopes and Valleys of Calheta” and Wednesday: “Laurisilva Landscapes”. The Full day walk on Sunday has been removed from our program and we only offer our half day Levada walk: “Amazing Vistas”. The full day Levada walk on Wednesday is replaced with a Laurisilva Levada walk from Santo da Serra to Portela (this is temporarily, as the original walk from Ribeiro Frio to Portela should be open in May 2010).

We advice all walkers on Madeira prepare themselves for the walk they intent to do, as there can be obstacles on the walking paths, and be aware that it can be slippery as it requires some time to dry out.

In particular, it is crucial that people don’t do a Levada walk on their own!! There might be unexpected situations that can result in a premature end of your holiday her on Madeira. Therefore we (including the authorities on Madeira) strongly suggest to make use of the services of a walk guide through the various qualified walking organization.

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