Madeira has fantastic walking opportunities, with a net work of Levadas (small water channels) covering large parts of the island. The sub tropical climate makes Madeira a walking paradise the whole year around.

How can you beat exploring your holiday destination on foot? Walk through the nature with its exotic flora and the unique Laurisilva forest (Unesco World Heritage). The Levadas on Madeira are spread out over all main parts on the island, available for all ages. However, as Madeira is a volcanic island you might pass locations with vertigo and tunnels. Therefore we would recommend that you study your walking route before entering the beautiful nature of Madeira.

Every holiday maker has worked hard, and made all the necessarily arrangements to ensure that you make the most out of your visit to Madeira. We therefore strongly recommend that you join an organized walk with a guide.

Transport on Madeira is satisfactory; however you will experience problems to find the hidden Levadas. Bus services to/from these locations are very difficult and it will take a lot of your precious holiday time. A taxi service is an alternative, however you will pay more than a guided walk, plus you will not receive interesting information related to the walk from the Qualified Mountain Guide. As your safety is paramount, all guides are “First Aid” trained and are equipped with the necessary during the walk.

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