PR 1 Vereda do Areeiro closed 16 to 20 May 2016

Vereda do Pico Ruivo

The Regional Directorate of Forestry and Nature Conservation reports that the pedestrian route PR 1 Vereda do Areeiro (Pico Areeiro – Pico Ruivo) will be closed from 16 to 20 May, due to maintenance work.

The closure occurs after the 3.6 km from Pico do Areeiro, at 2 km from the Pico Ruivo and 4.8 km from Achada do Teixeira.

Self Guided walks

Madeira is well known for its walking facilities, and we noticed that more and more visitors to Madeira are walking on their own by using various information they find in books. Unfortunately, books are published in large quantities and are not regular updated with changes due to landslides and maintenance issues. Secondly, these books are translated from 1 standard language. This is causing serious problems on Madeira. Continue reading “Self Guided walks”

As Levadas da Madeira

Localizada no coração do Oceano Atlântico, a ilha da Madeira, com 57 km de comprimento e 23 km de largura, apresenta-se como a terapia ideal para todos aqueles que necessitam de recuperar do stress citadino, que ambicionam uma reconciliação com a natureza através de deslumbrantes caminhadas a pé e que pretendam usufruir de um serviço de qualidade exercido por profissionais exímios. Continue reading “As Levadas da Madeira”

Walking trails are still magical

Travel Article: After the floods: Madeira’s hotels and walking trails are still magical (Mail Online)

Madeira’s levadas have long been considered one of the world’s great walking pleasures. Covering more than 1,200 miles, these narrow waterways link the wetter north to the dry south, every yard mirrored by shaded paths. The big relief to me was that most of these routes remained intact.

My best guess is that around 10 per cent of paths are affected by fires. As for those dreadful February storms, Andrew Zino, who runs walks company Nature Meetings, told me: ‘Forget storm damage. Madeira hass made an amazing recovery.’