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Have you walked the most popular Levada walk here on Madeira Island? Everyone is giving it a different name, such as: Referta or Castelejo.

We call it: Amazing Vistas, based on the magnificent views (“Vistas” in Portuguese). Located near the Eagles Rock between Porto da Cruz and Faial (North/East).

It is an easy walk, suitable for all ages with a walking duration of around 2hrs; you can extent it with a half a hour if you want.

The walk takes you through isolated terraces and farmyards, with continues views in to the valley and over the Atlantic Ocean. During this walk you feel the peace and quiet of Madeira, smell the flowers and image how the population lived over the years. It is everyone’s favourite walk; even our guides who walk this walk weekly enjoy it on each of their visits.

After we left our starting location in Funchal at 08.15hrs, we were greeted by the sun. Our 3 mini busses had the task to collect walkers from various countries, covering a large variety of languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish). With our multi language Certified Mountain Guides, we covered all the languages, and within 30 minutes every participant was collected.

We were lucky, as the schools are closed and a lot of local started their Easter holidays, we arrived at the start of the walk within 30minutes.

After the safety instructions, we started to walk and we were not disappointed. Lots of flowers and the company of a buzzard. As a reward we ended at a small local bar, were our clients had the opportunity to spoil themselves with coffee and homemade cake.

As this was a Half Day walk (travelling time plus walking time, 4hrs), we returned our guests at around 12.30hrs at the reception of their hotel.

And once again, everyone looked back to a lovely leisure walk with the afternoon available to entertain themselves.

Gerry Sluiter

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