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Fanal is a place of rare beauty in the middle of the Laurissilva Forest (Madeira). Situated in the north of the island … in the plateau of Paul da Serra. To get there you need to drive to Porto Moniz and São Vicente, Ribeira da Janela and climb into the Paul da Serra.

Fanal became a very popular place to relax, hike, walking, enjoying the nature …. to admire the magnificent species of forest Laurissilva as Tis (foetens Ocotea) Folhados (foetens Clethra), Laurel (Laurus azorica), Vinháticos (Persea indica). Some of these specimens are over 500 years old.

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There are several trails to hike, one of the most spectacular is the one that goes from Fanal to Chão da Ribeira (Seixal). Another tour starts in the beautiful area of Fanal, through the forest following the Levada dos Cedros, offering spectacular scenery to the parish of Ribeira da Janela.

A small but well preserved crater is possible to be seen just a few meters down the road entrance to the ranger’s house.