Grape Harvest

The Madeira wine festivities are held during the second week of September, with events concentrating themselves around the 10th-12th of September in Estreito Camara de Lobos.

The gathering of the grapes, the procession of the vintagers, the crushing of the grapes and other ritual traditions are experienced by locals and tourist alike.

The basic types of Madeira Wine are known by name of the grape uses:

Sercial: A fresh wine light bodied and dry, drunk as an aperitif.

Verdelho: A tangy fine textures medium dry wine which can be drunk as an aperitif or served with soup

Bual: A full bodied and fruity medium sweet wine to be served after dinner with cheese and sweets.

Malmsey: A luscious, rich, soft textured sweet wine, which is drunk with coffee.

Terrantez: A wine which is between the verdelho and bual. Ideal for special occasions.

From each wine crop, the wine producers select a small quantity to be aged in barrels for at least 20 years. Rigorously tested and assessed before using Vintage Wine Label