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We can look back to a successful last year 2009. Not only did we experienced an increase of the total participants for our daily Nature / Levada walks here on Madeira, but we have also seen an increase of groups from various countries such as: England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

For our daily walks we receive participants from all over Europe, and together with our (bilingual) guides are we pleased to share the passion for the nature with them. Thanks to the participant’s enthusiasm and motivation we experience great fun each time we walk the Levada´s of Madeira with them.

Walking with groups is sharing the joy of nature.

When a group or organization contacts us (regardless the nationality) we start designing a special program according to the needs of the group. We first discuss with the group leader and all the participants the following items:

  • Type of accommodation plus wishes;
  • Location;
  • Dates and Times;
  • A program to ensure that all the wishes from the group are met.

During this process we are in continuous contact with each other to build together the best program.

Each time when we welcome groups to Madeira Island, it becomes a new challenge for us. Each group has its own designed / tailor-made program. Groups can stay in various kind of accommodations, from local Residences to 5-star hotels. Nature Meetings will prepare a program, before the group confirms their visit to Madeira, of which we are confident it will guarantee an enjoyable time.

Groups are not only from various countries, but also from organizations, such as: walking groups, Sport organization, Associations (Bridge, Dancing, Yoga etc), local/private business, national institutions, schools, media, family/friends, etc.

Whatever the background and needs are, it is always a great pleasure for us to design, arrange and carry out groups programs on Madeira.

Together with all our partner Agencies, Tour Operators and the local authorities on Madeira, are we looking forward to another successful year 2010 in which we (again) will share our passion with all the visitors to this beautiful Island of Madeira.

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