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Every photographer has his or her favorite subject and interest to perpetuate it on an image. For most of them it means to travel around the world to find the desired objective. Only a few places in the world that one can find a large number of photogenic treasures into one place. Madeira Island is one of these places.

Madeira is truly a chest full of photographic gems and jewels that the photo-pirates can put their hands on. The island offers a large variety in photogenic subjects, from Mother Nature’s creations to modern man-made structures.

Madeira is well known for its beauty, peaceful environment and all year round pleasant climate, but Madeira is also a photographer’s paradise. Its natural infrastructure and biodiversity offers a lot of photo opportunities in a acceptable travel radius by short drive or walk.

Madeira is actually a mini-continent and one can come across the following interesting subjects:

  • The oldest historical buiding (Sé Cathedral, 1485);
  • An unique Airport (2000): rewarded with the IABSE, “Oscar” for the Outstanding Structure;
  • World oldest forest and Unesco heritage site (Laurissilva Forest);
  • 2,500 km of unique mini-canals (Levadas);
  • The Atlantic Ocean;
  • Majestic mountains (1,862 mtr);
  • Blissful gastronomy;
  • Memorable culture;
  • And many more …

… that makes Madeira the ideal location for photography.

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