Pico Arieiro

Pico Arieiro by Primuz

Madeira offers a wide variety of vistas and locations to visit but one of the most popular and definitely one not-to-miss tourist attraction is Pico Arieiro. It is the third highest peak in Madeira, its stunning views, sharp clear air and variant weather changes make it an area of outstanding natural beauty. Just the drive above the low cloud base gives the eerie sensation of driving – being the top of the world as the cloud resembles snow-drift and glaciers below you.

Although all the volcano’s of Madeira are long gone dead, the wisps of cloud which float between the craggy rocks are reminders of the earth´s power … whose clammy spectral fingers float by bringing a momentary chill to the air. This is of course, on a perfect day.

For the romantics among you, a drive up the mountain in the evening to see the sun set in an unforgettable memory and for those who want to get up early then sunrise is reputes to be more spectacular.