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Due to the weather conditions in February, Madeira has noticed that visitors canceled their holidays as they believe that Madeira is too much affected with landslides and damages on roads, and that it will spoil their holidays.

With the support from various organizations can I inform everyone that Madeira has returned to be (again) the great location for you to enjoy your holiday!!

Funchal, is now a full operational town with all its beauty and the many locations of interests; all the hotels are available to welcome every clients and the island is accessible to all its viewing points and Nature walks.

Obviously, not everything is as it was before (due to the dramatic weather on 20th of February). However, Madeira has recovered thanks to the support of the local community, businesses and government. Also the with the International help and Madeira lovers abroad. The only thing we ask of you now is to visit Madeira again once more … that way you will help and support the local people and businesses who have suffered from the 20-2 flood.

Help Madeira and (re)visit this beautiful island!!


Vicki Pearson · March 11, 2010 at 4:45 pm

I cannot agree! My husband and I have been frustrated day after day as we have tried to follow the signposted walks of our choice. Not only have we had to negotiate mudslides but on more than one occasion we have had to turn back shortly after starting a walk. Yesterday for example we started on a walk from Romeiros but after no more than 100 metres the blocked levada and washed away path made it clear it would be dangerous to go any further.
Today we wanted to walk from Rabacal but the E110 road was closed beyond Encumeada.
I am not knocking the authorities here – I think amazing repair work has been done already. We feel so sorry for people whose homes and businesses have been ruined.
But no, it cannot be said that Madeira is back to normal yet. (March 11th. 2010)

Boris Krielen · March 12, 2010 at 9:19 am

Some info about how to reach Rabaçal:

The ER110 road is closed for about 12 km’s between Boca da Encumeada and the crossroads of ER110 and ER209. This road has been closed since December. It is however possible to surpass the signs and follow the road. Of course this is not advised, but many people do.

Good alternative – from the south – is to follow the ER101 to Ribeira Brava and Ponta do Sol. Go right at the roundabout just before Ponta do Sol, taking the ER209 to Canhas and Paul da Serra. This is a steep but good road, many busses take it as well.

Coming from the north, you can either take the tunnel from São Vicente to Serra de Água and further as described above. Or follow the north coast all the way to Porto Moniz and take the ER110 or the ER209. Both very nice scenic roads, that slowly bring you up to the plateau.

NB. The lower part of the ER209 is in rather bad shape, but after a few km’s just above the small village of Ribeira da Janela it turns into a perfect smooth road, one of the best on Madeira.

Gerry Sluiter · March 12, 2010 at 10:17 am

@Vicki Pearson:

Many thanks for your comments. I am sorry to hear that you have found difficulties during your walks. The article state: “the island is accessible to all its viewing points and Nature walks”.

You mentioned 2 walks:

1. Romeiros. The Madeira authorities checks all nature walks on the island and they decide if these walks are official open/available to the public. Unfortunately, this particular walk is not classified to be an official walk. However, if visitors decide to walk this route, they will be doing that with their own responsibility.

2. Rabaçal. This is an official walk, however you can’t get there if you drive via Encumeada (E110) due to the destruction of the road. If you want to drive to Rabaçal, you must drive via Calheta and Paul da Serra.

May I use this opportunity to inform every visitor to Madeira that The Madeira Tourist Board strongly recommends using excursion companies to enjoy Madeira as there might be locations that can give difficulties? By using the official excursion companies you will avoid these difficulties and your safety is guaranteed.

Nature Meetings daily walking schedule is 100% operational!!

Gerry Sluiter · March 12, 2010 at 10:57 am

@Boris Krielen: Many thanks for this information, your comments are very much appreciated by the local community and all the visitors to Madeira.

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