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Do not underestimate the hiking trails of Madeira. For the non-local population it can be very different from the paths you are used to in your own country. Unfortunately, (fatal) accidents happen every year. That is why observing your safety is your highest priority.

Important safety suggestions

Please follow the next safety precautions and tips when you are planning to take a Levada or Nature Walk here on Madeira Island:

  • When taking a Levada walk for the first time we urge you do that in company of a qualified guide;
  • Prepare yourself and collect all the updated information about the route you are planning to follow;
  • Calculate the total time you will be spending on that route (so that you will finish the walk before dark);
  • Inform the hotel your staying or any other reliable person about the route that you plan to do and the expected time of arrival;
  • Do not change the course of your planned route;
  • Always take something to eat and drink (such as canned fruit juices, chocolate, dried fruits etc.);
  • Take an extra (non-plastic) bag to put in leftovers or rubbish when you do a stop to eat/drink;
  • Walkers should know there are no toilets along the path;
  • Important that you always carry an electric torch with spare batteries (you might come across one or more tunnels at some levada trails);
  • Take your own mobile phone, even if your operating network doesn’t exist in here. You can always call the emergency number 112 and it will search for an alternative net;
  • In case of a interruption during a course (falling rocks, heavy rain or strong winds) go back to the starting point following same trail;
  • By all means do not take risks and always respect the signs and “no entry” indications;
  • Take a whistle with you and wear suitable clothes and walking boots with good grip;
  • Most of the routes are neither appropriate for people who have heart disease, respiratory illness or mobility disorder, or are receiving a medical treatment and the medicines are to be taken during the walk which might provoke side effects related to respiratory, locomotive or heart system;
  • Children and dependent minors must be under supervision of parents or a legal guardian at all times during the route;
  • In case of any accident call immediately 112 and if you cannot get through, walk on the same course and keep trying again until you get a connection;
  • Stay calm and inform what, when and where the accident has happened, also the number of people involved and the status of the victims;
  • The more information you transmit, the better and more efficient help will be provided.

Important phone numbers (program these into your mobile phone):

Madeira Civil Protection – (+351) 291 700 112
Emergency Number – 112

It is forbidden to …

  • To use footwear which is unsuitable for hiking, above all flip-flops, high-heeled shoes or any other kind of shoes which is inappropriate for this sport or can lead to some injuries or accidents;
  • To carry a child or other person, no matter their age is, at any part of the levada trails;
  • To drop litter;
  • To make a fire;
  • To smoke (forest fire hazard);
  • To access paths that are not open to pedestrians;
  • To pull up plants or its parts, or damage any of the natural environment;
  • To shout or listen to loud music;
  • To paint or write on structures or natural elements;
  • To scatter deceased people’s ashes;
  • To come with a pram, baby carriage or stroller, pushchairs or similar;


Madeira Walking

Madeira Walking – Photo: Francisco Correia