Safety Precautions

Please follow the next safety precautions when you are planning to take a Levada walk here on Madeira:

  • When taking a Levada walk for the first time we urge you do that in company of a qualified guide;
  • Prepare yourself and collect all the updated information about the route you are planning to follow;
  • Calculate the total time you will be spending on that route (so that you will finish the walk before dark);
  • Inform the hotel your staying or any other reliable person about the route that you plan to do and the expected time of arrival;
  • Do not change the course of your planned route;
  • Always take something to eat and drink (such as canned fruit juices, chocolate, dried fruits etc.);
  • Take extra plastic bags to put in leftovers or rubbish when you do a stop to eat/drink;
  • Important that you always carry an electric torch with spare batteries;
  • Take your own mobile phone, even if your operating network doesn’t exist in here. You can always call the emergency number 112 and it will search for an alternative net;
  • In case of a interruption during a course (falling rocks, heavy rain or strong winds) go back to the starting point following same trail;
  • By all means do not take risks;
  • Take a whistle with you and wear suitable clothes and walking boots/shoes with good grip;
  • In case of any accident call immediately 112 and if you cannot get through, walk on the same course and keep trying again until you get a connection;
  • Stay calm and inform what, when and where the accident has happened, also the number of people involved and the status of the victims;
  • The more information you transmit, the better and more efficient help will be provided.

Important phone numbers (program these into your mobile phone):

Madeira Civil Protection – (+351) 291 700 112
Emergency Number – 112