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Madeira is well known for its walking facilities, and we noticed that more and more visitors to Madeira are walking on their own by using various information they find in books. Unfortunately, books are published in large quantities and are not regular updated with changes due to landslides and maintenance issues. Secondly, these books are translated from 1 standard language. This is causing serious problems on Madeira.

Nature Meetings is contacted by the local authorities as soon as a walker is in difficulties. With our experience we locate the casualty, make an assessment and contact the emergency services to advice them how to handle and which tools are required.

Most of these accidents are walkers who are walking by themselves. With the aftercare we supply we noticed that most of these walkers used some kind of documentation (books, Internet or information by friend and/or family).
We understand the reasons why people like to walk on their own, however not everyone is aware of the walking conditions on Madeira (that could change daily!).

Therefore you should take precautions before you decide to walk on your own.

  • Get all the walking conditions before the start of the walk, such as: weather, vertigo, tunnels, landslides, duration, and distance.
  • Where do you start and finish (is there transport).
  • Inform your accommodation where you going to walk, what time do you leave and what time do you expect to return. Leave your contact details with your accommodation.
  • Prepare yourself properly with: shoes, clothing, walking equipment (as long as you prepare for the worst, you should be ok).
  • Ensure that you have a mobile with you, and that you have the numbers from the emergency services (be aware not everyone speaks your language).

In the previous article we published more advice.

As I wrote earlier, Madeira experienced last years an increase of the casualty rate (mostly broken bones, cuts and bruises, including a few fatalities). Therefore I would advise you to consider your options.

With the transport costs, loss in holiday time, Health & Safety and all nature related information in mind, you will realise that Guided walks are saver and cheaper.

Whilst I do understand that you might want to walk on your own, you must realise the dangers you might face.

Please, consider your options!