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Saturday: Traditional Trails (Full Day)

Nature Meetings invites you to step back in time, when people and goods were transported by sea from the several small harbors around the island, before the existing road infrastructure.

Approximately 100 years ago, the farmers created a footpath along the North coast that was the only way for them to transport their local products to a small “handcrafted” harbor at Ponta de São Jorge (Ponta do Clérigo).

Our journey starts at “Ribeiro Funda” (469m), walking from Madeira’s famous Laurissilva Forest to the habitat of exotic plants along the coast.

After descending 300 meters, we arrive at Madeira’s hidden spot, the secret viewpoint of: Lapa Negra (reachable only on foot).

Once you have witnessed the breathtaking views of Porto Moniz to São Jorge, we continue our walk on one of Madeira’s oldest footpath to Curral da Rocha (89 meters). This route goes up- and downhill, along the cliff-edge to Farrobo and the Light house of São Jorge (271 meter).

From there we go down to the seafront at Calhau de São Jorge, small beach and a bathing complex situated at the river mouth, providing magnificent views on the surrounding landscapes.. There you can have a dive and/or relax.

After the refreshing stop we start the next challenge which is following the path up to Santana (280 meters) where we will arrive at our final destination.

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