Weather on Madeira. Part 1

Madeira is well known for its subtropical climate throughout the year, unfortunately not many people realizes that even on Madeira we have 4 seasons during the year.

Currently we are in the autumn, what means more change of rain and lower temperatures at night.

As Madeira has beautiful but high mountains, the air temperature needs longer to warm up for the clouds to disappear. Therefore many visitors wake up in the morning, open the curtain and noticed that it is raining.

The local population is delighted with rain (as long as it is not too much) however holiday makers are often disappointed as they visited Madeira for the sun.

But Madeira is one of those locations that is also beautiful when it is raining, the nature opens and the aroma from various plants are spreading over the island what makes it a delight to walk through the Laurisilva Forest.

The enjoyment of this experience does bring a few important issues.

Therefore we suggest that you are prepared for anything what the nature can offer you during the autumn.

  1. Have waterproof clothing with you.
  2. Keep your walking information dry (maps, compass, torch etc).
  3. Have good profiled shoes (and waterproof).
  4. Return when it rains too heavy.
  5. Have dry clothing with you (Sweater and trousers).
  6. Prepare the walks extra careful.
  7. Minimise your walk to a maximum of 6 hours.
  8. Complete your walk before 17.00hrs.
  9. When in doubt, return to the start.

Be aware that the walking paths can be slippery, and therefore very dangerous. Get advice before you decide to walk.

Not only the Nature Walks could be slippery, the normal footpath around Madeira can be very slippery as these are made from small, colourful little stones and rock.