Levadas Walks

Madeira’s challenging and mountainous relief and its unique environment will allow you to engage in the discovery of several footpaths placed in natural settings of rare beauty. The north part of the island and central mountain chain are ideal locations for the practice of this activity. Discover Madeira Levada Walks.

Prepare to discover a fantastic natural world on one of the unforgettable walks along the hillsides. From 0 to 1.862 metres high the excitement is guaranteed!

Cultural and environmental factors have made walking one of Madeira’s most traditional and popular open-air activities. Lots of people come to the Madeira Islands just to walk the different circuits, discovering the pleasure of close contact with nature. Walk along Madeira’s paths and levadas to the interior of the island and see breathtaking virgin scenery.

The levadas are a remarkable, ingenious irrigation system. These channels are testimony to our ancestors’ gigantic efforts to bring water from the high mountain springs to the slopes and valleys.

There are around 1.400 km of levadas in Madeira ready for you to explore and discover breathtaking landscapes.

The rough Madeiran relief and its mountain environment mean there are routes of rare beauty, but the archipelago offers some very interesting alternatives, where you can choose exclusively mountain, forest, seaside or mixed circuits.

Most of the walks are accessible to all though there are different degrees of difficulty and so we suggest you
ask your travel agent or consult specialized publications and make sure you have the right gear.

If you are really interested in walking with nature, we suggest you buy a programme organised by a travel agency or a holiday activity company, which lay on walks with a mountain guide.

Never do these walks alone and always take water, provisions, a torch a sweater and wear confortable, non slippery footwear.

On these magnificent walks, hikers of all ages can explore the island’s fabulous unforgettable landscapes.