Five levada pathways closed

Translated from the Diário de Notícias (newspaper) 31/01/2010 by Madeira News Blog

Five pathways closed. In less than a month, bad weather and landslides have forced the closure of five footpaths and levadas which are included in the official walking circuit of the serras of Madeira. The official ‘Turismo’ site alerts walkers to the closures and the Regional Director of Forestry acknowledges that the renovation of such extensively damaged areas will be expensive. Levada do Rei, Caldeirão Verde, Caminho Real da Encumeada, Levada da Fajã do Rodrigues and Caminho do Pináculo e Folhadal are the five closed footpaths. The worst affected is the Caminho Real da Encumeada, especially the section Boca da Corrida at Encumeada. Almost all the walking paths on the island have been damaged by the bad weather, the ones least affected are near the south coast and on Porto Santo. Before work can be undertaken, a survey will have to be carried out and a firm contracted.

Praia do Larano – Praia das Areias

Angelus has published in his blog ‘Dias a Dois‘ a detailed walking experience to one of the infamous (sandy) beaches on Madeira called Praia do Larano, known by local people as Praia das Areias.

Angelus: “I wasn’t so sure about including it in this perverted guide, because I really don’t consider it a ‘dangerous mountain walk’, but then some people have sworn me it’s as dangerous as can be, and the popular demand has been so overwhelming that I decided to write about it. And hey, it is by far the most interesting and most beautiful beach inside Madeira island, so there’s one good reason for writing about it.

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