Self Guided walks

Madeira is well known for its walking facilities, and we noticed that more and more visitors to Madeira are walking on their own by using various information they find in books. Unfortunately, books are published in large quantities and are not regular updated with changes due to landslides and maintenance issues. Secondly, these books are translated from 1 standard language. This is causing serious problems on Madeira. Continue reading “Self Guided walks”

(Re)visit Madeira

Due to the weather conditions in February, Madeira has noticed that visitors canceled their holidays as they believe that Madeira is too much affected with landslides and damages on roads, and that it will spoil their holidays.

With the support from various organizations can I inform everyone that Madeira has returned to be (again) the great location for you to enjoy your holiday!!

Funchal, is now a full operational town with all its beauty and the many locations of interests; all the hotels are available to welcome every clients and the island is accessible to all its viewing points and Nature walks.

Obviously, not everything is as it was before (due to the dramatic weather on 20th of February). However, Madeira has recovered thanks to the support of the local community, businesses and government. Also the with the International help and Madeira lovers abroad. The only thing we ask of you now is to visit Madeira again once more … that way you will help and support the local people and businesses who have suffered from the 20-2 flood.

Help Madeira and (re)visit this beautiful island!!