As Levadas da Madeira

Localizada no coração do Oceano Atlântico, a ilha da Madeira, com 57 km de comprimento e 23 km de largura, apresenta-se como a terapia ideal para todos aqueles que necessitam de recuperar do stress citadino, que ambicionam uma reconciliação com a natureza através de deslumbrantes caminhadas a pé e que pretendam usufruir de um serviço de qualidade exercido por profissionais exímios. Continue reading “As Levadas da Madeira”


Rabaçal Madeira

Rabaçal is a 360º of pure nature and amazing scenery where one can only may admire Mother Nature handwork.

Madeira, Rabaçal, Nature MeetingsThe access to this beautiful place starts at the west part of Paul da Serra where you can park your car and follow a narrow road (that is restricted for cars) to the Rabaçal forestry guard’s house. The road goes all the way down and is approximately 2 km. You can go by foot or take a paid ride using a van that is provided by the council of Calheta.

Near the forestry guard’s house you can go straight ahead towards Risco (walking time approx. 10 to 15 minutes) which leads you to a fantastic waterfall surrounded by majestic green mountains.

After this scenery you can go back through the same path, which is parallel to the old Rabaçal levada, that will bring you to the sign indicating 25 fontes. Follow this path down until you find another levada. It will take you the opposite direction of the running water.

3D Rabaçal RouteThe levada path is on a flat terrain, though in some parts it can be narrow. Therefore it is not advisable for persons who are afraid of heights.

Click on the image (left) for a 3D plot of the Rabaçal walking paths.

After approx. one hour walking you will find a small lagoon, surrounded by vegetation and small water falls from different springs. These are the 25 fountains. You are then a guest at a family gathering of Laurel trees, springs, birds, unspoiled pure air, and other nature’s relatives … all peacefully together at the ecological table as one big happy family.

Please, when visiting remind yourself that you are a guest and respect the natural environment.

Afterward you will head back towards Rabaçal. You will need to go up the tarmac road … in the burning sun! So be prepared and protect yourself against the sun.

Levada do Alecrim

A video walking impression of the Levada do Alecrim (Levada of Rosemary). The walk went till its mother waterfall at Ribeira do Lageado. The starting point of this Levada walk is located near Rabaçal.

No background music was added to the film, but contains instead the original sounds of the surroundings during the walk … which gives a better impression of the environment.

The author warns that, even though he filmed with the camera fixed to his body, always walk the levadas in a safe way. Always keep your eyes on the path (and not looking at the viewer of a camera) when walking.