As Levadas da Madeira

Localizada no coração do Oceano Atlântico, a ilha da Madeira, com 57 km de comprimento e 23 km de largura, apresenta-se como a terapia ideal para todos aqueles que necessitam de recuperar do stress citadino, que ambicionam uma reconciliação com a natureza através de deslumbrantes caminhadas a pé e que pretendam usufruir de um serviço de qualidade exercido por profissionais exímios. Continue reading “As Levadas da Madeira”

Walking trails are still magical

Travel Article: After the floods: Madeira’s hotels and walking trails are still magical (Mail Online)

Madeira’s levadas have long been considered one of the world’s great walking pleasures. Covering more than 1,200 miles, these narrow waterways link the wetter north to the dry south, every yard mirrored by shaded paths. The big relief to me was that most of these routes remained intact.

My best guess is that around 10 per cent of paths are affected by fires. As for those dreadful February storms, Andrew Zino, who runs walks company Nature Meetings, told me: ‘Forget storm damage. Madeira hass made an amazing recovery.’

Madeira is back to normal

The torrential rain on Madeira caused floods and mudslides on several locations on the Island on the 20th of February. However with the impressive effort from the entire Madeirense population and international help, Madeira returned to be again an attractive travel destination.

The airport, that was not affected except it was closed on the day of the floods, is fully operational and all the main roads are now open to the public. Unfortunately there are still some locations that are isolated (Tabua, Serra da Agua and Encumeada), therefore we advice everyone to make first inquiries before traveling towards these areas.

Many footpaths on Madeira had problems with fallen trees and landslides; however the majority of these walks are now repaired and accessible to the public.

Nature Meetings daily walking program is now fully operational, with the exception of the full day walk on Sunday: “Slopes and Valleys of Calheta” and Wednesday: “Laurisilva Landscapes”. The Full day walk on Sunday has been removed from our program and we only offer our half day Levada walk: “Amazing Vistas”. The full day Levada walk on Wednesday is replaced with a Laurisilva Levada walk from Santo da Serra to Portela (this is temporarily, as the original walk from Ribeiro Frio to Portela should be open in May 2010).

We advice all walkers on Madeira prepare themselves for the walk they intent to do, as there can be obstacles on the walking paths, and be aware that it can be slippery as it requires some time to dry out.

In particular, it is crucial that people don’t do a Levada walk on their own!! There might be unexpected situations that can result in a premature end of your holiday her on Madeira. Therefore we (including the authorities on Madeira) strongly suggest to make use of the services of a walk guide through the various qualified walking organization.

Five levada pathways closed

Translated from the Diário de Notícias (newspaper) 31/01/2010 by Madeira News Blog

Five pathways closed. In less than a month, bad weather and landslides have forced the closure of five footpaths and levadas which are included in the official walking circuit of the serras of Madeira. The official ‘Turismo’ site alerts walkers to the closures and the Regional Director of Forestry acknowledges that the renovation of such extensively damaged areas will be expensive. Levada do Rei, Caldeirão Verde, Caminho Real da Encumeada, Levada da Fajã do Rodrigues and Caminho do Pináculo e Folhadal are the five closed footpaths. The worst affected is the Caminho Real da Encumeada, especially the section Boca da Corrida at Encumeada. Almost all the walking paths on the island have been damaged by the bad weather, the ones least affected are near the south coast and on Porto Santo. Before work can be undertaken, a survey will have to be carried out and a firm contracted.

Levada do Alecrim

A video walking impression of the Levada do Alecrim (Levada of Rosemary). The walk went till its mother waterfall at Ribeira do Lageado. The starting point of this Levada walk is located near Rabaçal.

No background music was added to the film, but contains instead the original sounds of the surroundings during the walk … which gives a better impression of the environment.

The author warns that, even though he filmed with the camera fixed to his body, always walk the levadas in a safe way. Always keep your eyes on the path (and not looking at the viewer of a camera) when walking.