Walking trails are still magical

Travel Article: After the floods: Madeira’s hotels and walking trails are still magical (Mail Online)

Madeira’s levadas have long been considered one of the world’s great walking pleasures. Covering more than 1,200 miles, these narrow waterways link the wetter north to the dry south, every yard mirrored by shaded paths. The big relief to me was that most of these routes remained intact.

My best guess is that around 10 per cent of paths are affected by fires. As for those dreadful February storms, Andrew Zino, who runs walks company Nature Meetings, told me: ‘Forget storm damage. Madeira hass made an amazing recovery.’

Traditional Trails

Saturday: Traditional Trails (Full Day)

Nature Meetings invites you to step back in time, when people and goods were transported by sea from the several small harbors around the island, before the existing road infrastructure.

Approximately 100 years ago, the farmers created a footpath along the North coast that was the only way for them to transport their local products to a small “handcrafted” harbor at Ponta de São Jorge (Ponta do Clérigo).

Our journey starts at “Ribeiro Funda” (469m), walking from Madeira’s famous Laurissilva Forest to the habitat of exotic plants along the coast.

After descending 300 meters, we arrive at Madeira’s hidden spot, the secret viewpoint of: Lapa Negra (reachable only on foot).

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Madeira Wunderbares Video

Ein wunderbares Video Impressionen von der Insel Madeira. Gefilmt von Edgar Löhr mit 5D Mark II und editiert mit Premiere CS5. Viel Spaß beim Anschauen…

Technical Canyoning Madeira Island

What is Canyoning?

Canyoning is hiking, jumping, leaping, rappelling, abseiling, swimming and sliding down a usually wet slot canyon, with pools of water, running water, and/or waterfalls. Technical Canyoning in this case is associated with technical descents, such as those that require rappels (abseils) and rope-work, technical climbing or down-climbing, technical jumps, and/or technical swims.

The location for canyoning are often cut into the bedrock stone, forming narrow gorges with numerous drops, beautifully sculpted walls, and sometimes with spectacular waterfalls. The locations to perform this sport are sometimes easy or extremely difficult, though emphasis of this sport is based on aesthetics and fun rather than pure difficulty.

Video by Harmony in Nature


Rabaçal Madeira

Rabaçal is a 360º of pure nature and amazing scenery where one can only may admire Mother Nature handwork.

Madeira, Rabaçal, Nature MeetingsThe access to this beautiful place starts at the west part of Paul da Serra where you can park your car and follow a narrow road (that is restricted for cars) to the Rabaçal forestry guard’s house. The road goes all the way down and is approximately 2 km. You can go by foot or take a paid ride using a van that is provided by the council of Calheta.

Near the forestry guard’s house you can go straight ahead towards Risco (walking time approx. 10 to 15 minutes) which leads you to a fantastic waterfall surrounded by majestic green mountains.

After this scenery you can go back through the same path, which is parallel to the old Rabaçal levada, that will bring you to the sign indicating 25 fontes. Follow this path down until you find another levada. It will take you the opposite direction of the running water.

3D Rabaçal RouteThe levada path is on a flat terrain, though in some parts it can be narrow. Therefore it is not advisable for persons who are afraid of heights.

Click on the image (left) for a 3D plot of the Rabaçal walking paths.

After approx. one hour walking you will find a small lagoon, surrounded by vegetation and small water falls from different springs. These are the 25 fountains. You are then a guest at a family gathering of Laurel trees, springs, birds, unspoiled pure air, and other nature’s relatives … all peacefully together at the ecological table as one big happy family.

Please, when visiting remind yourself that you are a guest and respect the natural environment.

Afterward you will head back towards Rabaçal. You will need to go up the tarmac road … in the burning sun! So be prepared and protect yourself against the sun.

Natures Flower Festival

Preparations are taking place in Funchal (Madeira) for the Flower Festival, that will take place from 15th to 18th of April. This year the event will be more greater and impressive than the last one … as this festival will be celebrated by its locals with a special feeling as this is considered to be a decisive turning point for Madeiras rebirth since the storm of February 20th.

The street parade on the 18th will be exhibiting and perfuming the air of Funchal with a multiplicity of floral species of the island. Gathering thousands of children on the Praça do Município where they will build the “Wall of Hope” with flowers.

But the island itself already has started with its own preparations for this event. Mother Nature has its own agenda and (luckily) she does not wait for the human beings. Flowers are having their own debut in the Laurisilva and other regions on the island.

Walkers, when hiking through the veins of the island, have captured a few of these flora-princesses on photo. We have made a selection of these pictures for those who cannot wait for the festival or could not book a trip to Madeira on time …. then sit back and enjoy the following flower parade